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We provide professional property management services for the different types of properties.  Property management aspects and functions include:

  1. The collection of rent, service charges, car-parking and other fees, and VAT where applicable.
  2. Handling and administration of all operational aspects including services such as security, cleaning and gardening, maintenance of building structures, components, plant and equipment such as lifts, generators and firefighting equipment, utilities and statutory and other outgoings such as rates, ground rents and insurance.
  3. Financial management and reporting on the properties including generation and provision of detailed monthly, quarterly and other statements as required
  4. Administration of leases and tenancy agreements to ensure adherence and compliance on the terms therein.

The main property types that we manage are:

  1. Commercial, comprising office and shop properties
  2. Industrial
  3. Residential multi-tenanted.
  4. Residential single units
  5. Common services and facilities management in multi-owned or Sectional Title properties.

The firm manages an extensive array of properties in all the above market sectors.  Among our engagements and for example, we are the estate managers of Nyayo Estate Embakasi, which with 1833 units occupied and another 2941 at various stages of construction for a total of over 4774 units, all 3 bedroom, is the single largest development of its kind in the country.  We also manage the August 7th Memorial Park, which is on the site of the former US Embassy, on a CSR basis.  Our management portfolio includes a substantial and growing number of commercial properties.


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